Sunday, October 16, 2016

To the man that I am going to marry

This has been on my mind recently but especially the past couple of days. My youth pastor got married yesterday and I am so happy for him. The woman he is marrying is amazing. They have only been together for a year. Yesterday was actually one year they have been together. Their first date was October 15, 2015. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and amazing. The bride was beautiful.

I have known this couple for the year that they have been dating. I have witnessed the love that they have for each other and how they complete each other. She has so much patience for him and he has the same for her. I want a relationship like theirs. I want to be able to look at the man I love and grow more in love with him each second.

This summer I witnessed their love for a week at camp. I was rooming with her and three other girls. Every morning he would come to our room to make sure that we were all awake. He would then hug her and tell her that she looked beautiful. Most of the time she wouldn't have any makeup on. She also would make them coffee every morning. Every night they would have to say bye and goodnight to each other. It was so cute and amazing.

Below is a letter to the man that I am going to marry someday. Enjoy!

To the man that I am going to marry:

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for loving me and wanting to be with me.

I think about you all the time. I think about what you look like and what you enjoy doing. I think about all of the things that we are going to do in our relationship to help it grow and flourish. I think about all of the memories that we are going to make together before and after we get married. I think about how you asked me to marry you and what we are going to go through while planning for our marriage. I think about our future together and where we are going to live and how many children we are going to have.

I think about what my family thinks of you and if they loved you when they first met you. I think about if you are close to my three brothers and actually enjoy spending time with them. I think about your family and how many siblings you have. I think about what your family thinks about me and if they like me.

I lay awake some nights wondering how we met and if you were someone that I knew really well or just met. I can't wait until the day where you walk into my life and change it completely. My life will be completely different when you walk into it. I hope you are ready for a relationship with me. I'm not perfect. I may be annoying and bothersome. I can have an attitude and be sarcastic. But I love with my whole heart. I am so kind and I give multiple tries. Most of all I get hurt easily. I trust people and then they hurt me.

I ramble when I get nervous. I like talking and laughing. I love to read and write and there may be moments where I daydream and stay in my mind. I can't sleep sometimes. I love to sing and dance even though I am terrible at it. My family and friends mean the world to me.

You will know I like you when I introduce you to my family and friends because I don't introduce just anyone to them. Their opinion means the world to me. Your family and friends opinions probably mean the world to you too. My best friends are a different story. They bring out another version of me. They are the people that I tell everything too. They are the people that have seen me get hurt by a guy. Their opinions mean the most to me. I grew up with them.

I pray for you daily. I pray for our relationship and marriage also. I pray that God sends you when I need you to come. God is my world. I know that he has created you as my match. You are the one that he has handcrafted for me. I trust that God will mold you into the husband that I need and the father that our future children will need. I pray that you are succeeding in school. I pray that God guides you in your life. I pray that he is molding you into his image. I pray that he is molding me into a Psalms 31 woman. He is molding me into a Godly wife for you someday. I pray for your heart. I pray that you have love and joy in it but most importantly Jesus. I pray that you have the love for Jesus in your heart.

I want a relationship that is amazing. I want a relationship where people can tell that we are madly in love with each other. Some days we may not want to continue on but I hope that the love we have for each other outweighs the hate that we may feel. Not every day is going to be the best. We will fight and maybe want to give up but we need to remember the love that we first felt when we get married. The love that pulled us together.

I can't wait until the day that we get married. I can't wait until the day that I can turn over and see you sleeping in the bed next to me. I can't wait until we are best friends.

Your's forever,

I love you

Your future wife.

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