Sunday, July 30, 2017

College Essentials for 2017

In 2-3 weeks, I am going to be starting another year of college. I thought that since everyone else is going back-to-school, I would post some of my essentials. I always have these items on me either in my car or in my book bag. Some items are school supplies but then there are some that I just can't live without. Each item that I show gets used mostly on the daily or weekly status. Some of these items may not work for you but they work for me.

I am going to show you the book bag that I use on the daily basis. I have been using this book bag for 3 years and it looks decent still. I got it from L.L Bean and I will post a link to it below.

I looked and they didn't exactly have the print that I have but they do have some cute prints. My book bag is called the Deluxe Book Pack if you want to check it out. It has a lot of room in it and it lasts a long time. The link is posted below if you want to check it out.

1. My planner
 I can't live without my planner. It helps me keep track of everything since I work, go to school, and attend church. Each different event or group has a different color pen used. It helps me keep track of everything happening at once. I also use mini sticky notes and washi tape in my planner to keep it pretty. My planner has a monthly, weekly, and hourly calendar so I can keep track of everything by month, day, and hour. Some days I have a lot happening so the hourly calendar comes in handy. I carry this with me to school because I can write different assignments when the teachers give them to us or if a teacher calls me when I am at college to sub for them. I then can see if I am free on that day. Everyone needs a planner to stay organized.

2. Laptop
I carry my laptop with me every day to school because I get on it when I get to school earlier than I need to. I also use it to write a blog post and work on homework. I can also accept subbing jobs while I am at school and some classes allow us to get on our computers in class.

3. Post-it notes
I love post-it notes. I use them daily in my life for different things. I use flags to mark pages in my Literature books in case I have to use the page for a paper. I use the regular sized ones to write notes in books and reminders. I use the mini ones in my planner to keep track of days and just stuff that I add later on. Post-its are one of my weaknesses. I have them in every color, shape, and size.

4. Notebooks
So I carry several notebooks with me during the day. I have my different notebooks for my college classes and then I have two that I just carry with me for personal use. I use my college notebooks to take notes in class or at home. My personal notebooks are used for blog post ideas and when I go to observe at schools. I write down stuff that I see in the classroom and around the school that I want to remember.

5. Binders
I normally just carry 2-3 binders. These mostly are used to hold paper and papers that my teacher may give me. I don't use expensive ones.

6. Water bottle
I always have a water bottle on me. I have a reusable water bottle that I use and I also carry bottle water with me. I am on campus all day and my teachers allow use to drink water in the classrooms. Bringing water bottles saves me from going to the vending machine and getting a coke.

7. Umbrella
Alabama weather is unpredictable so I always have an umbrella in my backpack. You don't know how many times this comes in handy. My umbrella is just a cheap mini one that I picked up when I was in high school.

8. Jacket
I always have a jacket on me because there is a building that is always cold on the 3rd floor. I either carry my jacket into class with me or I leave it in my car. My jacket always comes in handy when it rains. It kinda sorta keeps me dry. I also carry a rain jacket in my car in case I want to use it.

9. Index Cards
I always use index cards. Either to make flashcards to study by or to put in a book to remember something. I keep three sizes in my bookbag. I'm an English major so I also use index cards when I am writing a paper.

10. Snacks
Since I am on campus mostly all day, I bring snacks. I have a lunchbox that I carry with me. In there are some snacks that I like so I don't have to go to the vending machine in the building. The snacks I bring are also kinda healthy so that is a plus.

11. Pens/Pencils/Highlighters
I keep an assortment of writing utensils on me at all times. You never know when you are going to need a pen/pencil/or highlighter. I use different color pens to take notes in my notebooks. I use highlighters to highlight stuff in my notes or books.

These are items that I consider a necessity for high school or college. What are some items that you always have on you for school?

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