Sunday, October 8, 2017

Lost Friendship

I walk into Lizzy’s Hair Salon, and Lizzy, the owner, immediately greets me. 
“Gracie, it has been so long since you have been in here!” Lizzy exclaims as she runs towards me for a hug. 
“It has been. I have been very busy with work and the kids”. I answer her slightly out of breath from the hug.
“Darling, what are we going to do today? The usual?” Lizzy asks me as I get situated in the chair closest to the wall. Instead of answering, I pull out my phone to show her a picture of the style that I want. It’s cut into layers that go to my shoulder blades. I want to do something different to my hair to spice up my marriage of ten years. My husband, Chance, has always seen me with long brown hair and I thought I needed a change. 
Lizzy starts to put the robe on me and starts wetting my hair so she can start cutting it. As she is wetting my hair, she starts asking about Chance, the kids, and life. I simply answer her by saying that everything is okay and the kids are great. Lizzy and I make small talk while she is cutting my hair into the cut that I want. 
When she is finished cutting, she has me move to the dryers so my hair can dry faster. As I am sitting there reading my magazine, I hear the bell on the front door go ding. I look up to see who was walking in but I can't see because of the wall. I see Lizzy start walking this woman with blonde hair towards the chair next to me and that is when she sees me, and I see her. I see the color start to drain from her face and she looks like she wants to leave. But the woman doesn’t. She just looks at me and says, “hey” but I’m not listening. I just remember when everything went wrong between us.
Marlee used to be my best friend. That is until she slept with my husband one night and I found out. The whole affair happened for about six months until I caught them. Chance quit buying me flowers, writing me notes, and texting me randomly throughout the day. He started coming home late most nights and would go out of town about twice a month. I knew something was up so I called him one night and I heard her while he was on the phone with me. I drove to her house and confronted both people. Chance and I worked out our issues, but that was the last time I spoke to her until today.
I am dragged by to reality when Lizzy asks me to move back to my seat so she could curl my hair. I look to my right to see Marlee opening her mouth and then closing it. After knowing her for so long, I knew that she wanted to say something to me but couldn’t. Finally, after 5 minutes of us just staring at each other, I hear her whisper “I’m sorry” to me. I want to forgive her but I can’t right now. She almost ruined my marriage and ruined our friendship. After Marlee’s confession, Lizzy announces that I am finished and ready to go home to my husband. As I am paying and leaving, I take one last look at Marlee and the lost friendship we had.

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