Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tonight is the football Homecoming game, and Callie is enjoying it. This year is different though, it’s going to be her last Homecoming as a student at Geneva High School, and her boyfriend is going to be the quarterback for most of the game. Callie’s thoughts get interrupted by the sounds of the announcers announcing the lineup for the football game. They start with the visitors and go through the Samson Tigers lineup. Callie can see the Tigers running towards their sidelines in their blue and gold uniforms. She doesn’t register anything because she is just waiting to see her boyfriend. Finally, comes the moment that Callie has been waiting for. The announcers announce the Geneva High School Panthers, and Callie jumps up, so she can see the boys running towards the sideline. As the players are breaking through the signs, Callie can see her boyfriend leading the boys and pumping them up. She enjoys watching her boyfriend, Byron, doing what he loves.

The first two-quarters of the game goes without any incident. At the end of the second quarter, Geneva is leading with twenty-one points against Samson with most of the points scored by Byron. The boys leave to go to the locker room to rest during halftime, so Callie gets up to walk around and socialize with her friends. Callie spends halftime hanging out with her friends and listening to the band pump up the crowd for the next half of the game.

Callie heads back to her seat with a few seconds to spare. She looks towards the locker room to see the boys in their black jerseys running towards the field again with even more excitement than what they had during the first half. Callie spends the next quarter of the game on the end of her seat. Samson is gaining points towards Geneva and slowing down the boys. The game is starting to stress Callie out, so she decides to take the first few minutes of the game to visit the concession stand. When she gets there, she is hit by the smells of the food. She can smell the hamburgers, hot dogs, and boiled peanuts.

Callie doesn’t get a chance to get her food though. Right when she is about to order, she hears something behind her and the crowd getting silent. She turns around to see all of the players on both sides kneeling down on the field and the coaches from Geneva running towards the middle of the field where a player is laying down. She starts praying at this moment for the player and hoping that it is not Byron that is hurt. Callie is now walking towards the end of the field to see if she can see who the player is laying down. Before she can see who the player is, one of the coaches is running towards her, and her fears are confirmed. The coach is telling her that Byron is badly hurt and she is needed on the field to give some information and to go to the hospital with him. Callie feels like everything is in slo-mo right now and she can’t move fast enough. Once she gets to the middle of the field, Callie is hit with a sense of anxiety. Byron is laying on his back not moving, and his legs are in awkward positions. Callie is just standing there, feeling hopeless and just hoping that the ambulance will hurry up and get there.

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