Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tonight, was the first night of football season for Geneva High School and Nicole couldn’t wait to go to every game to cheer on her boyfriend. She has been waiting for this day for the past several months, and it couldn't have gotten here sooner. Before the football game started, Nicole looked around the stadium, and she could feel the excitement of everyone surrounding her. She could see the band getting their different shiny instruments ready to play the songs that would pump up the crowd. She recognized one of the songs as "Hey Baby" and started humming along with the music. Nicole could see fans in their different black and gold attire climbing the stairs to find a seat so they could have the best view of the field. Most of the fans she is noticing is family members to the band, cheerleaders, or football players. Nicole could also see the cheerleaders stretching and practicing some of the cheers that they were going to do tonight. They were wearing their newest gold uniform that had the Geneva "G" in the middle of it with their black pom-poms. As she looked around, she took everything in and made memories of it because she was going to miss this when she graduated in May and moved to a college that was hours away.
Nicole looked down at her phone to see how much longer she had until the game started. Her phone said that it was 6:45 so she had about 15 minutes left until the football game official started. Taking her time, she looked out towards the field to see if she could spot the football players in their black and gold uniforms. The was especially looking for number 62, her boyfriend. She saw the different coaches from both teams and the refs, but she couldn’t spot any of the football players. While waiting for the players to come out, Nicole took the chance to see if she could see her friends or anyone she knew. Before she had the chance to actually notice one of her friends, the National Anthem is played from the speakers. The announcer comes on encouraging everyone to stand up and turn towards the huge flag that was flying in the sky from the wind. As soon as the National Anthem was over, Nicole could feel the excitement coming from all the spectators. Friday night football is popular in her town. Mostly everyone shows up to hang out and watch the players, cheerleaders, and band. She could hear the different spectators screaming and yelling out the different player's names. She recognized several of the names and voices. Most of the voices were parents supporting their children. Over the loud speaker, Nicole can hear the announcers talk about the other team, Slocomb. Finally, comes the moment that Nicole has been waiting for. She looks unto the field to see the Geneva Panthers take the field. She always loves watching the football players fun across the field but this year is different. Her boyfriend, Earl, is the quarterback. Nicole could hear everybody yelling and chanting for Earl as he ran towards the sidelines.
During the second quarter, Nicole decided to brave the crowd of people to get her something from the concession stand to eat. While walking up there, she could smell the hamburgers and hotdogs that were on the grill grilling. Nicole could smell the distinct smell of boiled peanuts and see the variety of candy. After looking at the menu for about ten minutes, she decided on a coke and boiled peanuts. The smell of the peanuts was overpowering and made her stomach start growing. Nicole really did like the concession food. Everything was really nice looking and smelt really good. The food from the concession stand reminds Nicole of fair food and the lights and sounds. Friday night football in the South brings out different sights, sounds, and smells that remind you of other places.

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