Thursday, September 29, 2016

Top 6 TV Shows this Fall

So there are a lot of different new TV shows that is coming on this fall. I really don't get into a series but these shows are so interesting. I am really getting into them and that hardly happens. Below are 6 TV shows that I am loving right now. Comment below if you have seen any of these or if you will be watching them.

1) This Is Us- Jack and his wife - who is very pregnant with triplets -- have just moved into their new home in Pittsburgh. Successful and handsome television actor Kevin is growing increasingly bored with his bachelor lifestyle. Randall -- who was abandoned at a fire station by his father as an infant -- is a stylish New York-based businessman working to raise two daughters with his wife, Beth. These people are among a group -- several of whom share a birthday -- of seemingly random individuals whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways.

I absolutely love this show. I didn't think I was going to be into it as much as I am. I saw the previews for it and thought it was interesting. I mainly started watching it because of the actor that plays Kevin. He used to play Adam from The Young and the Restless so I wanted to see how he would do in a drama instead of a soap opera. Also, who isn't a Mandy Moore fan? She is doing amazing in this show. The first episode was weird because I didn't get it until I realized that they were adding a flashback. I really suggest that you watch this show. 

2) Designated Survivor- As a lower-level cabinet member, Tom Kirkman never imagined something would happen that would catapult him to the oval office. When a devastating attack on the night of the State of the Union address claims the lives of the president and most of the Cabinet, the Housing and Urban Development secretary -- who was named the designated survivor in case of such an event -- finds himself promoted to leader of the free world. Suddenly thrust into his new position of power, Kirkman struggles to keep the country from dissolving into chaos and must adjust to his new normal, unaware of what fresh horrors may await the United States.

This was one of the shows that I was looking forward to the most. I am not normally a history drama fan but something drew me into this show. I was hooked at the beginning. If you are a history buff, you will love this show. Even if you aren't one, you will love it. 

3) Scorpion- Eccentric genius Walter O'Brien leads a group of brilliant misfits who constitute Homeland Security's new think tank, helping defend against the high-tech threats of the computer age. The team -- dubbed Scorpion -- includes behaviorist Toby Curtis, mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn, and statistics guru Sylvester Dodd. While comfortable with one another, the team members struggle with understanding life outside their circle, so when they need help translating societal cues, they rely on the skills of Paige Dineen, a woman with a gifted young son.

This show isn't new but I had to add it. It just started a new season and I am so happy. I didn't hear about this show until my brothers became obsessed with it then they got me started watching it. It is good. 

4) Pitch- Talented baseball pitcher Ginny Baker immediately rises to fame when she is called up by the San Diego Padres and becomes the first woman in Major League Baseball. She immediately sets in on the task of proving herself to her teammates, starting with team captain and catcher Mike Lawson. The two share an immediate chemistry, putting Mike in the middle of tensions between the beautiful new player and certain teammates who don't appreciate a woman out on the mound. Not all of her fellow Padres are so averse to change, with center fielder Blip Sanders providing support through her journey.

I didn't know if I was going to like this one when it first started but I did. I like watching baseball TV shows but i'm not obsessed with them. I started watching it because one of my guy friends is obsessed with baseball so we talk about it. I really do like this show. The beginning was confusing and it wasn't until the end of the first episode that the beginning made sense. 

5) Gotham- Jim Gordon is a rising detective in corrupt Gotham City, where his late father was a successful district attorney. Brave, honest and determined to prove himself, Jim hopes to return the city to the glamorous, purer version he remembers as a child. He and his partner, legendary Detective Harvey Bullock, must navigate the dirty politics of Gotham's justice system, even as they tackle a high-profile case, the murder of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gordon becomes a friend to their young orphan, Bruce.

I found this show on Netflix and started watching it. I binged watched it so I could catch up for the new season. It is really good and tells the story of Batman from the beginning. This was an on-the-whim show that I started watching. It was one of those late nights where I wanted something to watch. 

6) Supernatural- This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious and demonic creatures. Violent memories and relationship-threatening secrets add additional burdens on Sam and Dean as they investigate all things that go bump in the night. As old tricks and tools are rendered useless and friends betray them, the brothers must rely on each other as they encounter new enemies.

I actually started watching this show because it was on at the college that I attended. One of the Ambassadors got me hooked and I binged watched it so I would be caught up for the new season. I really love this show right now. 


  1. I have been thinking about starting This Is Us!

    Jenna |

    1. It is really good. I didn't think that I was going to get addicted but I am. It is confusing at the beginning but it clears up afterwards.