Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hello October

I know I am 6 days late on writing this but I am excited for October. October through January is my favorite months. It is finally getting cooler and I can dress cuter. I can wear my cardigans and my sweaters without sweating. This is the season for football games and bonfires and festivals. I am so excited.

Homecoming is in September and October. Homecoming is very big in my hometown. Nobody does it like us. We go all out. We actually won Homecoming this year. We won 28-12. So glad. Homecoming is fun because I get to see my best friends from high school and catch up with them. A lot has happened in almost three years and I miss them so much. These people were my rocks in high school. October also has Halloween. I love decorating and dressing up. I am dressing up as Minnie Mouse this year. An area Botanical Garden also does this thing called Scarecrows in the Park. Area businesses and schools decorate a scarecrow and set it up in the garden. They are amazing and so creative. Every year my family goes to see them and we just walk around the garden looking at the flowers and the fish.

October is also just special because it starts the holiday season and my birthday month. I turn 21 and yes I celebrate the entire month. October is so peaceful and calm and just one of the best months.

I am excited for October because it is just one of the best months. This year is going to be different because I am at a new college.

I hope that October gets better because right now, I am stressed and just ready for this year to be over with.

I hope that you like this post. It's short but I am writing it before class because that is basically my only free time. I needed to get something up this week because I am slacking on posting.

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