Friday, December 16, 2016

God is Amazing!

God is amazing! I finished finals this week at college so I was stressed and just ready to be done with the term. I decided to get on Twitter to just relax and chill. It was Tuesday night when I saw a tweet from Bailey and John about a group message for Christians. I DM'd Bailey and asked him about it. As I was waiting for the DM from Bailey, I saw that John posted a link to the group. So I created an account on GroupMe and joined the group. That was the best thing I ever did.

This group message was first called Jesus Is Lit Fam and then it was called Fellowship On Fire. This group of people is amazing. In 72 hours the group grew to 200+ people. And today it has 253 members. Small groups, girl groups, guy groups, Snapchat groups, morning worship sessions, and more have been created through the one group. I have made family and friends that are amazing. Friends and family that are all over the world. And different time zones that are horrible

The conversations aren't just about God and the bible. Yes, that is what the group mainly is about but it's more. We ask questions, refer to passages, suggest books and music. We have inside jokes and random conversations. We laugh together and cry together. We threaten to leave the messages and come back ten minutes later. We are Lit. Stories are being told and conversations are being made. Screenshots are not allowed inside the group message. There are 7,000 messages coming through a day. We also have video chats where we can see and hear each other since so many people live in other places.

I am so glad that I get to be apart of this wonderful group of College students. We are the next generation. We are the generation that is going to start a revival. God is amazing for bringing us together.

Sometimes God puts people in your life as a blessing. And these people are. I never expected to be in this group of wonderful youth. Youth that are going to change the world one day. God just puts people in your life at the perfect time. All of us were struggling with finals and this group just gave us a place to relax and step away from finals. A place where we can share our heart and not get judged. A place where we can be ourself and worship God. A place where people understand us and will pray for us.

Small groups are being formed so we can dig deeper into God's word. These groups will allow us to talk about different passages in the bible. Deep discussions will take place in these groups. We will also be able to video chat and talk. Small groups allow small friendships to be formed. These groups are amazing.

Girl group/Guy group were formed so we can break away from the main group and talk about personal stuff. Deep discussions are shared in this group. We can share our hearts and talk about relationships and guys without having the guys know what we are talking about. I love this group! These ladies are amazing! We lift each other up and support each other. Pranks are formed in these groups and sometimes goes into the main group.

Snapchat groups were formed so we could see what each other does during the day. We can chat or post pictures. We have 3 of them so far.

Morning worship sessions were formed so we could get on Skype and worship God together. We have a playlist that we are playing and sharing. These are songs everyone loves.

I want to thank God for allowing me to be a part of this amazing group! These people are amazing and I hope to meet them someday.

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