Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 is going to be over in a couple of days. I have had people tell them that 2016 was the worst year for them. To be honest, 2016 was a mixture of the both. 2016 was a year that I learned a lot. And my life changed. It changed for the better.

I have had several major events this year. I started a new college, I made new friend's, I started talking to an amazing guy and then lost him.

I really hope that 2017 is even better than 2016. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a year that God shines through.

I don't know how this post is going to turn out. It may just be a jumble of things. I'm just writing as things come to me.

2016 started in January. January was a great month for me and it was also a sad month. We started tours at the community college I went to. This also meant that my time there was coming to a close. I loved tours. It allowed me to see not just students from my former high school but students from schools all over the Wiregrass. My favorite visit was when my former high school came. I got to see so many of my friend's that I had known in high school. I got to take a group of girls that I knew around the school. They basically requested me.

January was also my last Homecoming as a student at ESCC. I got the privilege of helping and giving the flowers out to the queens. It was great just being with my friends.

February was kinda a hard month for me. One of my first friends at ESCC was in a car accident and died. I had just seen her at college a couple of days before. I wasn't close to her but we had classes together and she was one of the first people that talked to me.

Nothing exciting happened in March. I went to school and came back home every afternoon. I didn't have any special events happen.

April was the month where I found out who exactly my friends were. It started during the SGA President campaign. All of the Ambassadors were split between the two people running. One girl had most of the Ambassadors helping her and the other girl had three of us. I was helping the girl with the least amount because I was closer to her. The other girl and her supporters were causing trouble for us. They told the recruiter that I couldn't count the ballots because I was helping one of the candidates but the former SGA President could help and he was helping the other candidate. The people that stuck with me was the people that I really considered my friends and it was very little.

In April, we also took our Diamond Doll pictures and had our last few home games. The baseball games were some of my best memories. So much talk happened in the concession stands. And so many memories happened.

April ended by my school having our annual Founder's Day celebration. We all get together for the day around the track and we have different activities. This past year, we added a lip sync battle and it was amazing. Some of the faculty also grill hamburgers and hotdogs. We also have some classic relay races. It is just an opportunity for everyone to get together and celebrate when our school was founded. 

In May, my college had it's annual Miss ESCC pageant. I was backstage helping the girls get dress and everything. I also had to make sure that they were on stage when it was their turn. The girl's all looked beautiful. It was such a great night. 

June was an exciting month for me. I went to summer camp down at the beach. I absolutely love this camp. It is called Big Stuf and it is amazing. Middle and high schoolers from all over the US meets down at PCB for either a weekend or a week. My youth group stayed for a week and it was absolutely life-changing. I grew so much closer to God during this week. I also grew closer to my youth group. This year was different, my youth pastor asked me to be a small group leader for the middle school girls in my group and I loved it. And I made an impact on the girl's lives. 

July was our annual Vacation Bible School. This year was a little different. We didn't have individual teacher's for each of the classes. We had helpers that carried the kids to the different classrooms. VBS is such a special thing for me. I love all of the children. And seeing them grow in their faith is amazing.

August started a busy season with me. I started back to school. But this year was a little different. I started at a 4-year university and I started the classes I needed for my major. I also connected with an amazing guy. He actually helped made the transition easier for me since he was already at the campus. And I made some new friends.

September wasn't eventful. The school was getting harder and I was having to take tests. I also started going out into the local schools for observation hours. I had so much fun. And I met a great mentor teacher that really helped me out. September was also Homecoming for the high school I graduated from. It was nice to see all of my old friends and hang out with them for the night.

October was a fun month. My youth pastor married an amazing woman. It was a beautiful wedding. Their relationship is so focused on God and that is so great. The second term of classes started and they were so much easer than the first semester.

November was my 21st birthday! It was also Thanksgiving and just a relaxing month for me.

December has been calm for the most part. I finished my classes with A's and B's. I visited family for Christmas and had a great Christmas. I have a winter retreat coming up at the end of December. December was also when the guy that I was talking to wanted some time away. He decided that we were getting serious and he didn't need a serious relationship right now. It really hurt because I really liked him. And it kinda ruined my Christmas. But I had to put a brave face on for my family.

But the best thing about 2016 happened in December right after finals. I found a group chat of about 270 amazing Christian's that are on fire for God. I didn't realize when I joined what an impact they would have on my life but now I know. They came into my life when I would need them. I just didn't know that when I joined. The girl's in the chat helped me when I was hurting and not able to tell my personal friends and family. These people are some my family now. I literally talk to them all day and most of the night. These people are the next generation.

My 2016 had some up's and down's but I wouldn't change it for the world. It has helped me grow as a person and shaped me. God has done amazing things in my life so far and I can't see what he does in 2017.

2017 is going to be a special year. It is going to be a year where God really shines through. It is going to be a year where I focus on myself and him. Nothing is going to get in the way. I am going to live my life for him. 2017 is going to be a time for revival. It is going to be a time where I cut out people that isn't going to allow me to grow as the person I am supposed to be. So I ask are you ready to join me on this adventure. Because it is not going to be easy.

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