Tuesday, August 9, 2016

All about me.

I never did introduce myself on this blog so that is what today's post is going to be about.

My name is Katlyn. I am 20 years old. I am a Junior in college majoring in English/Language Arts Education. I turn 21 on November 10th. I live in Alabama. I am born and raised here. I am a southern girl. I love to read and write. I like going to the beach and bonfires.

Nicknames: Sissy, Kat, Kitty Kat, Kat Woman, Kat Momma, Katniss, Sweetheart, and Darling

Favorite movie: Gone With The Wind, Legally Blonde, or Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite book: Christy, Jane Eyre, or Pride and Predjudice

Favorite sport to watch: Baseball or football

Favorite sports team: Alabama

Favorite season: Fall or winter

Favorite tv show: Beauty and the Beast or Gossip Girl

Favorite song: I like different one's right now.

Favorite artist: I really don't have one right now

If you have any more questions to ask me, you can post them on my facebook page or comment them below.

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