Monday, August 8, 2016

Week of August 6, 2016

This week has been kinda boring. I have been sitting at home and trying to get everything ready for school to start. Once school starts, these kind of post will start to get interesting.

Monday through Wednesday has been the same thing as all summer. I have been at home and working on stuff. Wednesday night was church and it was the same thing as always.

Thursday night was the open house at my former high school. I didn't see a lot of people I knew. But the teachers recognized me and talked to me.

Friday night was anti-climatic. I did a face mask. It was a mint julep clay mask. One of my favorite.

Saturday morning was eventful. I woke up early because I had a service project to do. Most of the churches in my hometown were helping. My church and people from other churches were in charge of giving out free water to people at an intersection. We just stood at the stoplight with a sign that said free water and we went to car windows hanging them water. We gave away over 200 bottles of water to folks. We did this for over 4 hours. And it was very hot outside.

Not very much was happening this week. It was a chill week like most of my weeks during the summer are.

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