Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dear incoming College Freshman

Dear incoming College Freshman,

Your college career is starting. These are going to be the best year's of your life. School starts in less than two weeks and it is going to be busy. I know you can't wait to start college because you are an adult. College is a new experience. You will meet tons of people that will become some of your closest friends. Some of my best friends I meet my freshman year of college. These friends are the people I spent most of my time with.

College is an adventure like no other. You learn the real you in college. College helps you get out of your comfort zone. It allows you to decide the person you want to become.

Here are some tips that will make the transition easier:

1) Make friends- Don't be a loner. Be friends with your roommate or the person that sits next to you during class. Friends are what keeps you sane during the school year. Some of my closest friends came from my Freshman year of college.

2) Join clubs- They are good on resumes but they also keep you occupied. I was in maybe 3 clubs my Freshman year of college. Sophomore year, I was in 9. Most of my friend's was in the same clubs as me.

3) Go to school events. Going to the events will help you find friends but sometimes they give out free stuff and food. Go to the back to school event. Or maybe a college or career fair. Go to the events that has food. Go to sporting events. and homecoming.

4)Buy a planner and use it. A planner saved my life trying to keep track of everything I had to do. Every class, club, and personal events had a different color. My planner saved my life when I had to keep track of everything.

5) Buy your books used. Do not buy new books unless you have to! Used is cheaper and some classes, you may use the book maybe 5 times.

6) Do not take a 7 to 8 in the morning class unless you have to. They are the devil. You fall asleep halfway through the class and you won't pay attention.

7) Go to class. It is not mandatory except on test days but if you don't go to class then you will be behind. Going to class helped me and sometimes the teacher will go over the test a class or two before. Some teachers also do participation points if you show up to class and they add up.

8) Sign up for the class that seems interesting to you. You may find out that you enjoy it.

9) Enjoy college! Be safe! And have fun. College is a huge transition but it is the best time of your life if you allow it to be.

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