Sunday, August 7, 2016

High school

Thursday night I went to my old high school to take my younger brother's to their open house. So many memories came back from that place. Every hall I went down held a memory of some sort. They all came rushing back to me and I was feeling sad. I spent 4 years in that school. Some of my best memories came from different classrooms. I have stories that mean the world to me.

I went in one classroom and saw a teacher that I spent every morning with. I would sit in his room with my best friend's and we would all just talk. I laughed a lot in that room. The conversations we had were great. If the teacher wasn't there, we would sit outside of his classroom and wait for him.

Another classroom that holds memories is the FCCLA kitchen. I spent a lot of my time there too. I was in the cooking class so I got to cook in the kitchen a lot. I also would just sit in the classroom and talk to the teacher.

Another memory is of one of my history classes and just watching a lot of memories. The library was another building I spent a lot of time in. I was an aid for several years in there and I loved it. I have a lot from Senior year.

I have a lot more memories but they would take awhile to write and some are boring. I am thankful that I did attend that school. The teachers were so wonderful and the atmosphere was loving and easy-going.

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