Thursday, August 11, 2016

Favorite songs

Music is my life. I listen to the radio when I go to sleep and the radio is always on in my car. There has been a lot of good songs on the radio recently. Music helps me to relax before bed and helps me de-stress if I am stressed. Music is just a big part of my life. I can basically listen to most genre's of music and like them. My favorite songs have great beats and meaningful lyrics. Some are also newer songs but some are also older songs. I am going to post some of my favorite songs below but they are not in any particular order.

These are some of my favorite songs right now:

1) "Holy" - Florida-Georgia Line

2) "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - From The Lion King

3) "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey

4) "Used to Love You Sober" - Kane Brown

5) "Can't Stop the Feeling" - Justin Timberlake

6) "Where I'm Coming From" - Shane Owens

7) "Oceans" - Hillsong United

8) "Real Love" - Hillsong United

9) "Night Changes" - I like The Melodores cover better than the original

10) "Can't Help Falling in Love" - Elvis Presley

I have a lot more favorite songs but these are my top 10. As you can see, they come from every genre. What is some of your favorite songs? Have you heard of any of these?

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