Monday, August 15, 2016

Overview of the week - August 13, 2016

Sunday was when I went to church and it was like every other week. I loved it, as always. After church, I drove to the town the college I am attending is in so I get the feel of the way.

Monday-Thursday was the same. I took my brothers to school and picked them up every afternoon. During the day, I worked on some things.

Friday I went to my school to pick up my ID and check on some things. I also went shopping. I also had to get fingerprinted for the teacher program.

Saturday was pretty chill until Saturday night. Saturday night my church had a back-to-school cookout so I went and it was really fun to just hang out with the people at my church.

My days have been really chill since I have been out of school. They will start to get busy though.

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