Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dear Class of 2017

Dear Class of 2017,

Your time is here. You are finally Seniors and this is the moment you have always been waiting for. I know you are excited to be out of high school and start on the rest of your lives but don't wish away your youth. I wish I was in high school again for several reasons.

I wish I was still in high school because:

1) I didn't have to pay for my books or tuition. Books and tuition were free. I just had to show up. I didn't have to pay thousands for tuition and books.

2) I didn't have that many responsibilities. In high school, I didn't have to pay anything. I didn't have a checking account or a car payment to take care off. High school was simpler for me.

3) I knew everybody in my graduating class. I basically knew most of the faculty and students. I had friends that I knew since elementary school. In college, I had to make new friends and meet new teachers.

Senior year is bittersweet and you may cry at graduation. Just remember to enjoy the last moments you will have. Enjoy the last first day and last last day of school. Cherish the first football game, homecoming, and the last football game. Cheer your heart out at the first and last pep rally. Make memories that you will carry with you forever. Buy a yearbook and have your classmates sign it. Just always have fun and enjoy the last moments you have a home and in high school.

College brings a whole lot of new memories and adjustments. Enjoy your town and your classmates. Senior year was the best year for me because I lived in the moments. I cried at graduation because I was sad about leaving.

Enjoy Senior year while it lasts!

Sincerely a College Junior.

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