Thursday, August 18, 2016

Favorite Holiday Traditions

Everybody has different holiday traditions that they participate in as a family. In my family, Christmas and Thanksgiving are important. Those are two holidays where we can spend time together as a family. I love that I get to participate in some of these traditions. Some of these traditions I used to do as a child that my family has passed down. I will also pass down some of these to my children. Below are some family traditions that my family participates in during the holidays.

1) Making homemade dressing
2) Thanksgiving day and Black Friday shopping
3) Gone With the Wind marathon
4) Thanksgiving parade
5) Alabama vs. Auburn game

1) Waking up early
2) Pajamas on Christmas Eve
3) Disney Christmas Parade
4) Bell- when I was 4-5 my grandfather asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said a bell off of Santa's sleigh and every year after that until he died, I got a bell.
5) Elves- my grandfather said there were elves in his study and we got to listen to them through the door if we were good when we were little
6) Christmas story
7) Mice- my grandfather and I would make mice out chocolate covered cherries
8) Lane cake, cheese straws, red velvet cake, Christmas tree and star cookies, and Turkish macaroons
9) Christmas movies
10) Being together as a family
11) Decorating the house and tree
12) Christmas village

My family had a lot of Christmas traditions that we still do today. I think these traditions make us special and whole as a family. I love all of these traditions and they made me the way I am today. I cherish these traditions because they hold so many memories.

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