Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fall Guide to Alabama

Fall is going to be coming to the south pretty soon and I am excited. Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons because it is not hot, I can dress cute, bonfires, and football. Alabama offers a lot of stuff to do during the fall season. Below are some ideas for you to do during fall in the south.

1) Fall festivals- several cities offer fall festivals during October for kids to go to. My hometown offers one at the elementary school and several churches offer them.
2) Headland offers a Harvest Festival in the fall for people to attend.
3) Football games- there are college and high school football games going on all throughout the fall
4) Pumpkin patches- several cities offer pumpkin patches where you can pick pumpkins. Aplin Farms  in Dothan offers this option.
5) National Peanut Festival in Dothan during November
6) Veteran's Day parades
7) Scarecrows in the park in Dothan at the Botanical Gardens
8) Deer hunt
9) Take a hike in parks
10) Bonfires
11) Visit a haunted house
12) Street festivals

There is something to do in Alabama for everyone of every age. From the youngest person to the oldest. These events range from free to expensive. I have tried a lot of these ideas and love them.

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